Retailers offering the trade-in of redundant smart and tech devices can often be left with a security risk and stockpile of equipment or worse, an unreliable service to remove them.

If you are one of these businesses offering credit for old equipment, you need a trusted partner to hand over your customers’ trade-in items; one with certified secure data erasure, sustainable solutions and buy back options to improve your sustainability and budget targets.

There are four big picture guidelines to assess your data erasure and disposal process or service:



Security is paramount. When you’re handling second hand tech equipment, customers are relying on you to ensure their data is not transferred on to another party. Whether there’s a waiver or not, it’s one of today’s biggest privacy breach risks, and customers will be very discerning when it comes to this. One hiccup could cost your reputation dearly.

The science of data clearing is constantly evolving and needs to stay one step ahead of cyber thieves. This is why your processes or IT disposal partner will need to be at the top of its game. Data erasure should be fully transparent with audit trails and storage will need to be guaranteed secure.


In a third-party service, you can and should have access to more services than you could otherwise conduct yourself in-house.

This includes access to international best market price for resell, ISO 14001 certification, safe and sustainable disposal of toxic material – all with ease of communication and service.



How much value can you get back on those redundant trade-ins? An expert partner should be able to find hidden profit for you, offsetting the cost of the service and narrowing your cost to profit margin.



The process needs to be easy for you. A partner who comes in, can guarantee secure transport, storage and offer confidence in their services as transparent, certified and guaranteed.


Secure Computer Recycling and Disposal (SCRD)

These are the four pillars of value the team at SCRD are underpinned by, as well as being driven by sustainability, which means we recycle 94% of eWaste that comes through our facility.

SCRD are a partnership service who can step in and take devices off your hands, with a trusted track record and guaranteed, certified data clearing as well as an eco-friendly focus. We can handle large volumes with our service that means you SAVE:  Secure, Accessibility, Value and Ease.

Contact the expert team at SCRD to find out how our partnership can serve you better with a free, no-obligation quote.

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