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eWaste, or electronic waste, is the term given to discarded electronic devices and is crucial to reduce the negative effects on the environment. At Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal, we are bound by high standards to manage your eWaste securely, with no consequences to the environment.

Did you know?

  • Australians are among the highest users of technology and producers of eWaste
  • 99% of Australian households have at least one TV while 55% have a second set
  • Australians buy more than 4 million computers and 3 million TVs annually
  • If 75% of the 1.5 million televisions discarded annually were recycled, there would be savings of 23,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents, 520 mega litres of water, 400,000 gigajoules of energy, and 160,000 cubic metres of landfill space

(source: abs.gov.au)

Asset tracking to ongoing e-Waste disposal.


Use professionals!
eWaste not recycled can be highly toxic and environmentally damaging.Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal understands that everyone has a responsibility to help reduce the volume of toxic waste produced by electronic waste but also that businesses have limited time set aside for eWaste management. We can help by providing secure eWaste solutions without wasting your time.

What are the dangers?

The following harmful substances can be found in everyday eWaste:

  • Lead in cathode ray tubes and solder
  • Mercury in switches and housing
  • Arsenic in cathode ray tubes
  • Antimony trioxide as flame retardant
  • Selenium in circuit boards
  • Cadmium in semiconductors
  • Cobalt in steel for magnets

Consequently, when eWaste is sent to landfill, poisonous substances can seep into groundwater, contaminate the soil and enter the food-chain. It’s time to protect yourself and your loved ones.

(source: cleanup.org.au)


Let us make you a profit!
Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal handles IT remarketing for any business, providing full asset reporting for your needs.

What are the benefits?

Remarketing your old, redundant IT and communication assets is good for a number of reasons:

  • You will receive a return, which you could put into new IT assets
  • Remarketing reduces landfill and environmental eWaste
  • You are allowing the community to buy securely refurbished IT equipment at a lowered cost
  • Remarketing maximises the value of your IT equipment


We offer secure e-Waste solutions!
At Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal, we provide our clients with peace of mind by ensuring secure eWaste-recycling techniques when handling their ICT equipment. For more detail on how we achieve this, please contact the Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal office.

Who can we help?


At SCRD we are Australia’s corporate ICT asset management specialists. Focusing on full asset tracking and reporting for clients’ ongoing eWaste disposals requirements and can also provide fleet buyout options helping reduce clients’ overall IT asset life-cycle costs.


We are a CUA approved Australian Government contractor offering secure collections, full asset reporting, secure data deletion and recycling of eWaste equipment to ISO14001 standard. We can also provide fleet buyout options helping reduce clients’ overall IT asset life-cycle costs.

Schools and Educational Institutions

At SCRD we specialise in streamlining laptop and iPad fleet buyouts, with prompt upfront payments and all logistics and reporting services provided. We offer fast and flexible collection options on ISO 14001 eWaste recycling for all other computer and communications equipment.

Small Business

The small business specialist offering rapid response, cost effective and reliable eWaste collection services on all computer and communications equipment. We can also offer the peace of mind of secure data deletion options and recycling of all equipment to ISO14001 standard.