At Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal, we have invested significant time and resources to make sure our secure data deletion and destruction services are to the highest standards and are 100% effective whether your IT equipment is bound for remarketing or parts’ recovery.

What this includes

Your trust is important to us and we will make sure to maintain transparency with the method used and ensure the protection of your eWaste. On top of this, you will also get:

  • A certificate of eWaste deletion/destruction at the end of the process
  • Hard drive/machine serial numbers
  • If a hard drive cannot be successfully wiped, data will be destroyed via an industrial shredder.

Our offer

Our eWaste services go one step further and give you choices:

* Services can be combined (i.e DoD (3) + Drive Destruction)

Make sure the job is done properly



We make it a priority to provide you with trusted IT refurbishment and remarketing services, so that you can resell your redundant IT and communication assets to the best fit.

What this includes

We know that reducing costs and utilising your IT assets completely are at the root of your business, which is why the process involves asset collection and reporting, for the best IT asset management practices. So how do we do it?

  • We buy your redundant IT
  • We securely delete your data
  • We refurbish your IT equipment
  • We clean and test the equipment
  • We remarket it back into the community

Get more for your redundant IT and communication assets



Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal will provide you with a custom-built asset management system to satisfy all your reporting needs.

What this includes

Our custom-built asset management system for your eWaste will give you a full audit trail of your equipment. This will include:

  • A certified report of ICT assets recycled
  • Detailed asset information sent directly to your IT Department for internal asset audits
  • Certificates of secure data deletion and/or eWaste destruction

eWaste or internal asset audits needed? Forensic experts & certification are at your disposal



We take care of the eWaste logistics with our secure disposal infrastructure and guarantee you will be 100% satisfied!

What this includes

  • Securely deleted data
  • Recycled data
  • If possible, we will upgrade it and remarket your old equipment

Sit back and relax while Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal takes care of your e-Waste


Our focus is on managing computer storage, deployment, and collection programs for organisations just like yours!

What this includes

SCRD operates one of the largest secure high volume storage and testing facilities in Western Australia. Thanks to our capabilities, and our detailed IT asset management system, we offer to:

  • Store your “whole” (remove whole) new equipment
  • Deliver it to you unboxed, when and where you need it
  • Remove your old equipment
  • Give you full data deletion and reporting services
  • A full audit trail of your new and old equipment throughout the entire process

Need storage and collection? Our asset management team will take care of you and your equipment



Our team of experts provides IT refurbishment and remarketing services to make sure your redundant IT and electronic equipment is resold for a return to your business.

What this includes

  • Asset management
  • Secure data deletion
  • Maximising the lifecycle and value of your IT assets

Contact us to learn more about how we can extend the life of your IT assets!

Learn more about how we can extend the life of your IT assets



Minimise your impact on the planet and let our team help you save future generations by reducing landfills through recycling – overall aiding sustainability and reducing our shared carbon footprint.

What this includes

We tackle the problem of eWaste head on, with our Reuse and Recycle Policy ensuring that:

  • Old equipment is dismantled and recycled into various components
  • New equipment is either resold or put back into the international wholesale computer market
  • A dedicated container is given to your company to recycle its eWaste

Recycle your eWaste the right way