At Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal, we have invested significant time and resources to make sure our secure data deletion and destruction services are to the highest standards and are 100% effective.

What this includes

Your trust is important to us and we will make sure to maintain transparency with the method used and ensure the protection of your important data.

Post processing you will receive;

  • A certificate of secure data deletion/destruction
  • Certification of individual Hard drive serial numbers
  • If a hard drive cannot be successfully wiped, data will be destroyed via our industrial shredder immediately at our secure facility.

Additional Security

Our secure data deletion services go one step further and give you choices of performing Blancco secure data wiping before shredding:

DoD (standard)

Three (3) pass wipe

DoD 52202.22 M

Seven (7) pass wipe

* Services can be combined (i.e DoD (3) + Drive Destruction)

What Our Clients Say

Yes, all went pretty well, no major issues. We couldn’t get rid of quite all we wanted but that was purely our end – we’ll be ensuring we’re have greater readiness for the next time. That said, the pickup went absolutely fine, we’ve cleared out the racks we absolutely needed to & we’ll come back to you when we’re ready to send off the rest. My compliments to the team, no hassles & got the job done.

Andrew Pilcher

Business Transition Manager
I will be out to the final branch – Whitfords tomorrow morning. Would someone be available to collect the e-waste tomorrow afternoon. As this is the last one I just thought I would express my appreciations for the work that your team have accomplished for HBF. While there were logistical issues with our suppliers, I found that SCRD was on top of its game in arranging on-time collections which has impressed the branch network to no end and given them confidence in ongoing direct-collections. You have our thanks for the good work.

Anthony Rinaldi

Desktop Coordinator

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