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Head Office: 8 Blackly Row, Cockburn Central WA 6164

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IT Fleet Buyout and Installation- CBH Group

Company: CBH Group Project Period: April to July 2018 Location: WA Desktop Count: 960

Partnership Snapshot

Aim: New IT fleet installation and old IT fleet buyout for state-wide offices

Timing: April to July 2018

Asset Count: 960 desktop units

Location: Various office locations between Esperance and Geraldton, Western Australia


  • Purchase redundant assets
  • Provision and utilisation of reusable carry tubs
  • Secure transport of all assets from site to our facility
  • Process all assets, secure deletion and refurbishment
  • Coordinate the purchase and installation of entire new desktop fleet

Client Summary of Partnership

The NewTech project worked in conjunction with our vendor partner Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal to recycle over 910 computers and 2.1 tonnes of e-waste from all the deployment locations across the state.

The result of this effort was a recovered value from the sale of old computers, monitors, printers and e-waste of over $49,000 which will now be donated to The SolarisCare Cancer Support Centre in Albany.

“The NewTech team did a great job of efficiently deploying Windows 10 desktops and laptops to people across the CBH network over 10 weeks. It is excellent that the value received for the recovered computers will be donated to a WA community group,” said CIO Dennis Strydom.

“The other good news is that these fully cleaned, 3-pass hard disk-wiped computers will likely find their way to developing countries in Africa to assist in education for school students through various programs.”

The Solaris Care Cancer Support Centre provides free information, support and complementary integrated therapies to all cancer patients and their primary carers throughout WA.

This includes the Carer’s Course, information on short-term accommodation for those receiving treatment, a wide range of pamphlets on various cancers and support networks including phone support for regional patients.

The centre is a community-based healthcare organisation providing a ‘listening ear’ in a safe and relaxed environment. Solaris Care doesn’t receive government funding and relies on donations.

Due to a lack of funding, they have had to cut back the days at their two regional centres, one of which is Albany, which is a tragedy for regional patients.

The funds raised from the NewTech project will be used to continue their program in Albany and assist regional patients attending the Perth centre along with phone support to regional families.

An expert at Secure Computer Recycling and Disposal
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Desktop Setups

Over 2530 desktop setups were completed during this project.

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22 Refurbished Floors

All desktops were multi packed in kit form for efficiency.

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5 Year Test & Tagging

All items were tagged and tested at our facility prior to deployment.


Who we have helped


Australia’s SCRD Helps Mining Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprints.

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CBH Group

New IT fleet installation and old IT fleet buyout for state-wide offices.

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Rio Tinto

Remove, refurbish, store 2,560 laptops. Reinstall into newly finished offices.

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Health Dept of WA

Decommission and securely delete highly confidential data in 10,000+ assets.

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Hear from our clients

Thanks for your efficient and professional service; you definitely made my job easy. 6.3 tonnes so far is excellent and look forward to promoting the final figure. Look forward to working together soon.

Alain Twynham
Transport Coordinator

I just thought I would express my appreciations for the work that your team has accomplished for HBF. While there were logistical issues with our suppliers, I found that SCRD was on top of its game in arranging on-time collections which have impressed the branch network to no end and given them confidence in ongoing direct collections. You have our thanks for the good work.

Anthony Rinaldi
Desktop Coordinator

Please find attached a copy of the purchase order for this request. I’d also like to point out the quality of the service that Rachael had provided during her time here. She was friendly, professional and efficient. She deserves a gold star at the very least.

Brayden Arnold
Senior Service Desk Office

Yes, all went pretty well, no major issues. We couldn’t get rid of quite all we wanted but that was purely our end – we’ll be ensuring we’re have greater readiness for the next time. That said, the pickup went absolutely fine, we’ve cleared out the racks we absolutely needed to & we’ll come back to you when we’re ready to send off the rest. My compliments to the team, no hassles & got the job done.

Andrew Pilcher
Business Transition Manager

I wanted to thank you for the awesome service you have provided! From the first call I made, to your driver, to your accounts follow up, it’s all been great. We will definitely be repeat customers!

Jenny-Lee Fussell
Peel Language Development School

Your company has been terrific, prompt and courteous, we will definitely recommend you to other schools in our area.

Julie Colquhoun
Manjimup Primary School

Brett and his team are extremely professional and trustworthy. They are the real deal when it comes to refurbishments and large volume data erasing. Unfortunately this industry has a lot of backyard operations and you have to be very careful.

Es Chandra

Great service as always!

Fabio Fusari

Very secure and reliable service for sensitive data. Cleanest recycling warehouse around. These guys are happy to cater to any IT recycling needs.

Peter Sticca

I dealt with Brett & Tim, I highly recommend the team - they were a pleasure to deal with and extremely professional. We will be using them again!

Tom Kenny

i contacted this recycling company to recycle a few printers and they were very professional and friendly, Also free pick up which was a bonus, Great service, would use them again and also recommend them as well

Nick Macris

Brett and the Team at SCR are reliable and cost effective. Would definitely recommend their service.

Jonathan C

Very quick response from quote to pick up. Very happy with service. Representative very well presented and well mannered.

Emma Woodall

Wonderful, professional team to work with who are very flexible and able to meet constantly changing demands and challenging timeframes

Maija Hirvensalo

Fantastic team to work with on IT refreshes and secure data deletion


Excellent place to have old hard drives shredded.

Simon Hicks

Nice lads. Very professional

Martin Devitt

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