CBH Group, New Tech Project

960 Desktop Assets

We utilised our SCRD reusable carry tubs for return of all assets from site to our facility.

Esperance to Geraldton Locations

The shipment of all assets from remote sites directly to our facility.

Entire Desktop Fleet Purchased

Post processing all assets were purchased from the client

Project Snapshot

  • Aim: New IT fleet installation and old IT fleet buyout for state-wide offices
  • Timing: April to July 2018
  • Asset Count: 960 desktop units
  • Location: Various office locations between Esperance and Geraldton, Western Australia


  • Purchase of redundant assets
  • Provision and utilisation of reusable carry tubs for transporting all assets from site to our facility.
  • Processing all assets purchased from the client – secure deletion and refurbishment
  • Coordinated purchase and deployment of entire new desktop fleet, including installation 


Client Summary of Project

The NewTech project worked in conjunction with our vendor partner Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal to recycle over 910 computers and 2.1 tonnes of e-waste from all the deployment locations across the state.

The result of this effort was a recovered value from the sale of old computers, monitors, printers and e-waste of over $49,000 which will now be donated to The SolarisCare Cancer Support Centre in Albany.

“The NewTech team did a great job of efficiently deploying Windows 10 desktops and laptops to people across the CBH network over 10 weeks. It is excellent that the value received for the recovered computers will be donated to a WA community group,” said CIO Dennis Strydom.

“The other good news is that these fully cleaned, 3-pass hard disk-wiped computers will likely find their way to developing countries in Africa to assist in education for school students through various programs.”

The Solaris Care Cancer Support Centre provides free information, support and complementary integrated therapies to all cancer patients and their primary carers throughout WA. 

This includes the Carer’s Course, information on short term accommodation for those receiving treatment, a wide range of pamphlets on various cancers and support networks including phone support for regional patients. 

The centre is a community-based healthcare organisation providing a ‘listening ear’ in a safe and relaxed environment. Solaris Care doesn’t receive government funding and rely on donations. 

Due to a lack of funding, they have had to cut back the days at their two regional centres, one of which is Albany, which is a tragedy for regional patients.

The funds raised from the NewTech project will be used to continue their program in Albany and assist regional patients attending the Perth centre along with phone support to regional families.

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