Computer Recycling Perth

One of today’s biggest business challenges is how to responsibly dispose of outdated technology.
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eWaste Bin

We provide on-site eWaste and digital media storage for disposal.

Data Centre Decommissioning

An experienced team in data centre decommissioning from 1 server to 50 fully populated racks.

eWaste Recycling

We divert more than 94% of e-waste from landfills through responsible processing, refurbishing, and remarketing.

Secure Data Deletion

Our state-of-the-art facility is geared to perform large volume secure data deletion, backed by industry-leading certification.
SCRD ewaste management v2

IT Storage & Collection

Secure transport from your business to our facility for secure storage or disposal and recycling.

Sell Your Computer

Sell us your redundant fleet equipment at the international market best price.
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We provide new assets with desktop setup services to clients with 100 to 10,000 users.

IT Asset Buyouts

For larger projects, we collect assets, inspect, test and tag, store or recycle at our facility.
SCRD hard drive destruction v1

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

With specially designed machinery, we have the capability to permanently destroy hardware and data securely.
SCRD ewaste disposal v2

E-Waste Disposal

Specialist technicians in certified deletion and careful processing maximise reuse and ensure safe disposal of toxic material.
SCRD ewaste management v2

eWaste Management

We strive for a continuous life-cycle of technology assets, avoiding landfills and bringing cost savings to businesses.