Full Reporting


We value quality assurance and uphold integrity through every step of our process, overseen by the following compliance and certifications.

Environmental certification

EMS ISO14001:2015

This standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance.

We undergo annually audited by an external company to ensure compliance.

WA State Government Common Use Agreement (CUA) preferred supplier status

Out insurance cover exceeds Western Australian State government supplier requirements and is annually audited to ensure compliance.

Total Inventory Management Enterprise (TIME)

Our custom-built TIME system gives clients a full audit trail of equipment progression, from collection to final disposal, which includes:

  • A certified environmental report of assets recycled
  • Detailed asset reports for audit purposes – align disposal record and internal asset registers
  • Certificates of secure data deletion and/or destruction

 in Western Australia, we are focused on reusing and recycling according to ISO standards.

Our expert team is specialists in secure data deletion, professional IT remarketing (buying and selling), eWaste disposal, IT asset management, supply, and installation with environmental sustainability as our mission.