Computer Recycling


Most organisations find that one of their biggest challenges is how to dispose of outdated technology assets. You can’t throw them away because of the impact on the environment. You can’t give them away – charitable organisations have limited appetites for old technology. You probably can’t establish a realistic value for possible resale – that’s not a core competency in most companies. And you can’t dispose of them at all if they have a remaining book value – they may have reached the end of their useful business life, but not the end of their financial life.

What do you do? You find a strategic disposal partner who can take those assets off your hands. Secure Computer Recycling and Disposal (SCRD) is just such a partner.

Our Asset Recovery Service options can help you determine the value of your existing equipment and facilitate your move to a solution that better meets your needs or help you clear out non-performing or excess computer products.

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